Holuakoa Gardens is committed to promoting and maintaining a sustainable agricultural society and healthy food consciousness for Hawai’i Island. As much as possible, we use fresh, local and organic produce from farms within five miles of our kitchen. Our menu changes regularly to reflect the local availability and freshness of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and specialty foods. We use fish provided by local wild-caught purveyors and meats from local, grass-fed, hormone-free and organic stock whenever possible. Vegetarian options are available daily. We make our own breads, pastas, treats and desserts fresh, on-site, using organic flours. No known GMO products, MSG or microwaves are used in the preparation of our food.


Sample Brunch/Lunch Menu


Holuakoa Gardens offers top-shelf spirits, specialty cocktails, and a selection of fine wine. We are also happy to offer some of Hawaii’s local brews by the bottle.


Sample Keiki Menu

French Toast
PB & J Sandwich with Chips
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Chips